das moderne Gymnasium mit Tradition

FVS Schulethos englische Fassung


The „school ethic“ of the Freiherr-vom-Stein Grammar School, Cleves:
„Teachers, pupils and parents bear a common responsibility for a positive school life“

We expect of the teachers of the FvS School that

  • they put their technical skills with dedication to the use of the pupils and update these skills as appropriate
  • they contribute to the advancement, support and guidance of their pupils, especially in difficult situations;


  • they respect the young boy or girl as a personality, independently of his or her abilities or character, and treat him or her accordingly;


  • they take care to assess performance on the basis of transparent, objective and comprehensible criteria;


  • they make use of the authority linked to their function in a moderate and responsible manner, remain open to constructive criticism and take seriously any complaints by pupils;


  • they foster contact with parents, and not only in conflict situations;


  • they make active efforts in classes and courses to promote a climate of openness, friendliness, toleration, acceptance and productivity;


  • they do their best to promote a lively school life;


  • they watch out for and make sure that rules of individual and social behaviour are respected, for the sake of the collective activity involved and of the people engaged in it;


  • they give the pupils a helping hand in taking responsibility for an active school life.


We expect of the pupils of the FvS School that

  • they display an appropriate readiness to try their best and to give their best;
  • they do whatever they can to contribute actively to a climate of openness, honesty, friendliness, cooperativeness, toleration, solidarity and consideration;


  • they resolve conflicts without violence or personal disparagement;


  • they support the activities of the school class and school community;


  • they accept their responsibility in the school participation organs;


  • they behave according to the rules of the school community, the house rules and the rules of general considerateness, both during lessons and in the breaks and on the way to and from school;


  • they show consideration for the health and private property of others, keep the school grounds and buildings clean, handle materials and teaching aids in an appropriate and sparing way and have care for the environment; and


  • they accept their responsibility as a connecting link between school and parents.


We expect of the parents of the FvS School that

  • they recognize their responsibility, while giving due allowance to the growing autonomy of the pupils, for (e.g.) making sure that homework is done, that pupils turn up regularly at school and that school satchels contain all necessary materials;
  • they take an interest in the development of their child at school and react appropriately to successes and failures;


  • they engage in dialogue with the teachers, attend class meetings, consultation hours and parent-teacher evenings, and not only when problems arise;


  • they contribute their capacities and contacts to the promotion of an active school life – for instance in the form of assistance and cooperation in projects or festivities;


  • they make use of the democratic participation structures of the school; and


  • they participate actively in the regional Parents? Association and keep in touch with the Association of Friends of the School.


© Edwin Lock (2006)